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Please note:
Everything is unique and we can not duplicate most of our pieces of jewelry … therefore our inventory will be changing as it sells but there is some pieces of jewelry that can be duplicated & some comes in different colors we will list it in it’s description of it’s different colors & if it can be duplicated or not

Ordering Info

Our Jewelry for both United States & International orders our orders usually weighs only 7 ounces even with 2-4 pieces in one box so mostly you will be paying only for First Class Flat or Rate Priority Mail Shipping for 1-4 lbs./pounds unless you order a whole allot

Our Stain Glass Items for both United States & International is what usually weighs around 1-7 lbs./pounds unless you order a whole allot


Sales Tax
Sales tax is added for West Virginia residences only

Payment Methods


We also accept credit cards using PayPal even if you do not have a Paypal account

We do accept United States & International Orders
we take Paypal & Credit Cards through Paypal even if you do not have a Paypal account.


We Use United States Postal Service

Shipping Rates & Info

Since we are taking the United States & International Orders we want to be sure our customers are charged the correct shipping since we are a new shop and if we see we have the shipping wrong in the future the shipping might be adjusted to the correct cost

We do ship orders up to 4 pounds in envelopes but the jewelry will be i pack in very well to prevent from breakage & before mailing we do wrap our jewelry in bubble wrap our stain glass will be shipped in a box & we wrap it in bubble wrap before adding in the box

USA & & US Territories:


Orders over $50 dollars Free Shipping

Jewelry under $ 50 Shipping $3

Stain Glass 4-7 pounds
Flat Rate Priority Mail = $5.75

United States & US Territories,American Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands,Puerto Rico,Micronesia, Federated States of Northern Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands (U.s.),Palau, Samoa,United States Minor Outlying Islands :


Shipping Rates for International


Please email us for a quote for shipping For those who live outside of the United States we love seeing you here and wanting to buy , if you want something we be glad to mail it to you but we will be honest we have never done a international order before and we have to take each country as they come to us if/when we get orders we will be adding the countries one at a time to our shipping list .. Please write down the pieces you want each product has a number and the price .. please leave you mailing address also and we will get back in touch with you with a price for shipping .. if you agree we will send a in-voice through Palpal as soon as it paid we will mailing .. Contact us on our contact page and choose International Quote Click Here

Sorry to be any trouble , thank you have a nice day